In The Right Place, you can plunge into the atmosphere of good old rock at regular parties and shows, you can easily meet Udo Dirkschneider or Joe Lynn Turner, Andrey Knyazev or Ilya Chert, Leonid Fridman or Alexei Petrovsky, and other prominent musicians and industry figures.

Be sure to follow our current events guide. We are experts in everything we do. If you order a glass of wine, then it will be served to you in a specially selected glass and with the desired temperature. Yes, we are not a wine bar, but we know everything about the product that we offer. If you want to find out why every beer available in our bar has its own glass, we are eager to answer all your questions.

We are not a cocktail lounge, but we make special drinks, each having its own story dedicated to the rock industry and its stars. 

Even you drop in for a cup of Americano, you will get only a properly prepared drink. Welcome to the bar where our rules turn into your good traditions!

You can buy almost any dishware or interior item