The Right Place is not just a restaurant, it is truly a RIGHT and unique place that combines the latest gastronomic trends, perfect quality of food and the tradition of cooking with the unique rebellious spirit of the golden era of halcyon days of classic hard rock.

Our menu includes a variety of snacks and salads, tasty burgers and hot dogs, soups and a large selection of meat. We cook classic steaks, home-made sausages and pastrami.

Be sure to try our house speciality - pork ribs in kvass wort sauce. Nobody can stay indifferent! For those who prefer fish, the menu includes salmon and tuna snacks; we can even make a burger with cod! 

Serving follows hard rock theme. Soup will be on the table in a skull plate, hot meal and snacks are served on wooden boards in the shape of guitars, and skeleton-style cutlery. But the main factor uniting everyone and everything will remain the music - eternal Classic and Hard Rock.