St. Petersburg, Shvedski pereulok 2
The Right Place —
The place where rock and roll lives

Hard rock

The Right Place is not just a restaurant,
it is truly a RIGHT and unique place
that combines the latest gastronomic trends.


rock museum

In April 2019 the first World Rock Museum
in Russia appeared. It is based
on a private collection of the rarest vinyl records,
musical instruments.


Rock bar

In The Right Place, you can plunge
into the atmosphere
of good old rock
at regular parties and shows


Vinyl Records
and Rock-Artifact

Guests of The Right Place
may also replenish their personal collections
or find a unique gift for friends
and relatives in our rarities store.

You can buy almost any dishware
or interior item

The Right Place is a unique place in St. Petersburg, the capital of Russian rock and underground.

Just steps from the most popular landmarks of the city, a new special space was launched, where you can enjoy every important thing about rock culture and its followers:  the country's only World Rock Museum, a collection of vintage vinyl and rock artifacts, a restaurant and a rock bar.