When you are passionate about something, you want to share it with others. Our “hobby” has become larger, so in April 2019 the first World Rock Museum in Russia appeared. It is based on a private collection of the rarest vinyl records, musical instruments, personal items of musicians and various items that have become part of the history of rock music. In total, the museum’s collection contains over a hundred artifacts, some of which exist in a single copy. According to various estimates, the cost of the collection today exceeds half a million dollars.
We did not get by with autographed records only, although we have plenty of them. From Victor Tsoi to Kurt Cobain, from AC/DC to Iron Maiden. We wouldn't be a rock museum without EXHIBITS! The history-steeped acoustic guitar of Dave Mustaine himself, the concert bass guitar of Black Sabbath, the rarest Pink Floyd record signed by all members!
These are just a few jewels from our diamond collection, which is constantly expanding! In addition to collectible value, each of its components has a special history. Some stories can even be called bloody. For example, the story of the original Marvel comics about the KISS. Want to know more? Welcome!

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