Right Time Show

Right Time in the Right Place Show is the entire hard rock performance that combines the highest professionalism of musicians, sparkling humor, “old-school” traditions of the genre, alternating images and epochs of rock music evolution from classical to heavy metal and grunge. Right Time in the Right Place Show is a new and fresh look at the compositions that have been loved and recognized by all fans of rock music, which the viewer will not only hear, but will also see in completely different and sometimes unusual and unexpected formats. From traditional and conservative tributes with all the attributes and the greatest possible resemblance to the original, to the use of symphonic instruments, the participation of artists, DJs or even rock karaoke. You can see our show only in one place - the place where rock and roll lives, in The Right Place rock bar, every Friday and Saturday from 21:00 until late at night. The Right Time Show is three hours of your favorite music and great humor. The program of each evening includes three parts, each of which is devoted to a specific theme and has its own individual format.